10 Macro Photographs of Dew Drops

Macro Photographs, though not easy to capture, are almost incredible. The depth of field, details and the colors are awesome. Dew drops has always been a favorite subject of all photographers. Below are some beautiful photographs of dew drops pinned by users at Pinterest.com

Pinned by Lisa Mitchell from http://naturfotografen-forum.de

Elena Yakhina Pinned from yanadeniska.livejournal.com

Beverly Niklasson Pinned from smashingapps.com

Alicia Ingty Pinned from todayandtomorrow.net

Jessica Leas Pinned from thisiscolossal.com

Thomas McGarrity Pinned from soup.io

Stephanie Zhang Pinned from mymodernmet.com

Shannon O’Brien Pinned from mylifethroughthelens.deviantart.com

Anne Haeck Pinned from redbubble.com

Tonia Miller Pinned from secret-garden-of-gem.tumblr.com

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