Weekly roundup – March 4th to March 10th

Here are some interesting reads from last week from various other websites.

Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart: Which Ecommerce CMS Should You Choose?

If you are still undecided as to which eCommerce platform to use for your eCommerce site here is a nice article comparing the three most popular platforms with nice infographic. Read here

40 Matte Paintings To Push You To Real Photoshop Artistry
A collection of awesome matte paintings for your inspiration. Wide range of paintings from movie background plate to si-fi environments. If you are starting out nice tips are provided.

40+ humorous print ads
Making an Ad stand out is really difficult. Companies sometimes create ads that are humorous and irrelevant yet convey the message and is memorable without effecting its brand value. Check out these humorous print ads.

How to improve site navigation
Site navigation is one of the most important aspects of site design. It is also becoming more and more difficult as the site is accessed from so many platforms and mobile devices. The link above gives you an overview and best practices for Site navigation design.

80 awesome new WordPress themes
If you design wordpress theme or use them this articles showcases some of the new wordpress themes. There are both free and premium themes included. Some free themes now offer most features of premium themes but with less or no support.

Building a Mobile First Responsive WordPress Theme
If you are into designing wordpress themes this tutorial will get you started in designing responsive wordpress themes. Detailed tutorial.. A must read.

How to Create a Seamless Bird Pattern with Retro Touch in Illustrator
birds-illustrator A detailed tutorial for creating an awesome illustrated bird pattern. The tutorial walks through the process of creating birds and the background in a detailed and step by step process and is easy to understand even for beginners.

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